Looking for the best contractor for False Ceiling Works in Thrissur ?

We are the market leader in false ceiling works in Thrissur. Prepared in conformity with the international market standards, our ceiling systems are of the perfect preparation, exceptional finish and 100% reliable. With well-equipped infrastructural facilities and most modern equipment to execution, our false ceiling works in Thrissur meets the requirements of both the residential and commercial applications. All our false ceiling design are formulated under expert supervision and are well examined by our trained executives.

Be it your bedroom false ceiling, living room false ceiling or kitchen ceiling, with an unparalleled variety of choices, we have you covered. Our ethical business strategies, cost-effectiveness, and transparency with our clients have supported us in becoming the best false ceiling contractors in Thrissur.

What we offer

Being a trusted false ceiling contractor of the industry, we offer a top-class false ceiling works in Thrissur Kerala with an array of products at competitive prices and within the time period. Our product range includes Gypsum Ceiling board, Wooden False Ceiling works, Grid Ceiling Works and PVC Ceiling Works.

We never compromise on service quality and fulfil requirements within the promised time frame. Our systems are complemented by a strong range of accessories providing the highest experience possible.


Our Process



Consultation is always your first-hand opportunity to listen to your interior decorations dilemma and creating the space of your dreams. Each of our designers takes this process differently. Our unique approach allows us to help you realize your vision and help you understand how the design fits with your lifestyle.

Budget estimation

Once you have managed to convey your ideas, based on the style requirement and actual measurements, a detailed estimation is prepared by our consultants.


Once our service requirement is finalized, next is the design stage. We have a dedicated team of designers for false ceiling designing. The design session is where we can identify and solve problems in most beautiful ways.

The design samples are accomplished through 2D and 3D images to give you a clear picture of how the false ceiling interior will look. We value your ideas and is always esteemed.

Delivery and Quality Assurance

We want all our clients to have a hassle-free experience and like to make life so much easier for your clients. We are on time on every project we undertake and are unmatched parallel in our commitment towards customer


Once the installation of the false ceiling is completed, our expert panel visits the site and conduct a quality check. The quality check on our projects give a positive declaration and ensures there are no glitches.


Schedule a Design Session

When you are with us, you not only get an experienced designer but also an individual who is just as passionate as you are about your project. Contact us today to learn about our interior decoration techniques and get a free quote on false ceiling price.

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