Have you ever wondered that there are a lot of people doing false ceiling works in Kerala or Bangalore. But all are having different false ceiling works rates per square feet and all are so cheap in market. So the question arises is False Ceiling Works so cheap? Why there is no uniform rate for this. Well read in detail and you could be better informed in this so that you done get fooled by anyone.

Why is the Price Variation?

When you enquire someone about Ceiling works, just ask them the materials used for the works. There lies the main trick. There are many types of low quality local aluminium channels available which are to be used mainly for some partition works for commercial spaces. What all our contractors do is, they use the same and complete the False Ceiling works of your House/Flat too. Results are not surprising. The ceilings tend to develop cracks and come out in the near future. So always ask about the materials used and only after verifying the quality you could commit an order. So bear in mind its not the square feet rate of false ceiling works that should be considered always.

What are the major materials used?

There are many materials available in the market nowadays. Among them Saint gobain also has introduced channels that are good, long lasting and made of steel rather than the normal Aluminium channels used widely. Saint Gobain provide 3 categories of channels namely – Ultra, Truesteel and Expert which are differentiated based on the gauge and screw holding capacity. As branded product and made of steel, they will be a little more priced than the normal available channels in market and hence the square feet rate of the work varies accordingly.

“Trust me – There are price variation between an I-phone and Base range android phone”

Boards of USG boral and Saint Gobain are widely used these days. USG boral have Heat Bloc boards which reduces the heat inside the room by aluminium padding at the board that provides 97% thermal radiation.

Saint Gobain Boards are of different types and gyproc boards has long life too.


Looking for a Ceiling Solution, Get in touch with some local contractors and get their rates with change in materials. Ask detailed split up and then finalize a team to have the Ceilings. You can get in touch with “CEILINGS – The False Ceiling Experts” via +91 9072621000 and get a proposal too. We provide warranty also for our works.